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Social Security

The Social Security Retirement Age

At a time when Social Security is increasingly getting lawmakers' attention f

Social Security: Low Hanging Fruit?

Social Security has been described as the "third rail" of American politics: if you touch it, you get burned.

CBO Releases Report on Social Security Reform Options

Last Friday, CBO released a report on 30 options for changing the Social Security system, analyzing both the savings and distributional effects of...

‘Line’ Items: Post-Fourth Edition

After the Fireworks – The Independence Day celebrations have concluded.

Spending and Revenues in the Long Term Outlook

After much anticipation, the CBO has released its Long Term Budget Outlook, whic

Steny Hoyer on Everything Fiscal

In remarks at the think tank Third Way, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer

"Don't Sign Yourself Into a Corner"

The establishment of a fiscal commission either in Congress or by the President was attacked from both sides of the political spectrum.  Liber

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We at CRFB believe in the Wizard of Oz theory of deficit reduction.