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Debt Ceiling

Short-Term Debt Ceiling Increases Can Lead to a Deal

With President Obama's signature on Thursday morning, the nation went from the brink of default to having a least a little elbow room on the debt c

Looks Like We Have a Deal

After a few weeks of government shutdown and a nerve-wracking lead-up to hitting the debt ceiling, the Senate leadership announced today it had com

Keep Gimmicks Out Of A Deal

As the government shutdown continues into its 11th day, the two parties have just begun having serious negotiations about reopening the government

Rep. Paul Ryan Floats a Down Payment

In an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, House

One-Month T-Bill Shows Market Skittishness

As we continue to approach the October 17 deadline when the Treasury Department estimat

When Will Treasury Run Out of Cash to Pay its Bills?

Congress already has its hands full with finding a fisca

Two Views on the Debt Ceiling

It's September and that means we've entered the final month of the FY 2013 continuing resolution.

House Passes Short-Term Debt Limit Extension

Update: The Bipartisian Policy Center has created an interactive debt ceiling timeline, which can be found

New Developments with the Debt Ceiling

The House is pressing forward this week on debt c