Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
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The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget hosts various events to educate the public about various policy issues. Below is a list of our upcoming, current, and past events.


Mar 29, 2012

National Debt Tour: New York City

The next stop on the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget's "National Debt Tour" was in New York City on March 29. National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Co-Chairs Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson and New York...
Feb 23, 2012

U.S. Budget Watch

On Thursday, February 23, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget unveiled a comprehensive analysis of the budget impact of campaign proposals made by the Republican presidential candidates. The report is a detailed assessment of how the...
Feb 21, 2012

National Debt Tour: Boston

On February 21, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget kicked off a national tour as part of a campaign to push for a major deficit reduction plan in 2012. The first event was held at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University on...
Dec 13, 2011

After the Super Committee: Is Budget Process Reform Part of the Answer?

On December 13, the Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform hosted a policy briefing to discuss four new papers on budget process reform. The briefing was held in the House of Representatives Budget Committee Hearing Room. Both House Budget...
Sep 21, 2011

Urging the Super Committee to "Go Big"

The "Super Committee" has been charged with making recommendations that would reduce deficits by $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years. Unfortunately, more is needed to fix the budget and put the debt on a sustainable path. In order to...